From “Notebooks from the Castle of Grinzane Cavour”, The Letters of Cavour’s Tenant Farmer from Grinzane 1847 – 1852

Grinzane, 4 December 1847

“Last night we finished levelling the field next to the road that descends to the River Talloria and the new road to Grinzane, called Strada alle Genestre; and we planted acacia trees and filled in a big ditch that we can grass over this spring. This morning we began experimenting and pruning the vines.”

Grinzane, 29 June 1848

“Tomorrow before noon, weather permitting, we will finish cutting the La Bra field and the fields on the plain, and that will leave all the mixed crop vineyards and wheat to be cut. And today we will begin tying up most of the wheat that has been threshed in the Peschiera, Ginestre and part of the Bra fields, and putting it into sacks.”

These are the letters that Giovanni Bosco, agent of the Grinzane Cavour estate, wrote to Carlo Rinaldi, secretary of the House of Cavour, which was the owner.
These letters contain some passages which show that the Le Ginestre hamlet, was part of the Count’s land.